Fiesta de la Paloma

Well, I rented a booth at the Fiesta this year like I mentioned in my fall post. For four days I baked, making cinnamon rolls, mini leaf- and acorn-shaped apple pies, pumpkin pies in little jars, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, nutter butter acorns, pumpkin bread, s'mores on a stick, and rice crispy treat pops! I had a lot fun preparing everything, and then on Saturday, getting to set it all up. 

Here is my booth:
 { Yes, that pretty gold thing on the table is a headboard! }

Alison, who has a very artistic hand, kindly wrote all the little cards for me. :)

{ There is a maple leaf, an oak leaf, and an acorn. }

 { made by Alison }

{ pretzel stick + two mini marshmallows stuck on the end + chocolate = deee-licious treat }


  1. Everything looks so good! Love how you set up the table, wish I could have stoppped by it! :)

  2. Your booth looks really pretty! I LOVE the gold and everything looks so autumn like. I wish I could have been there to taste some of your goodies! =)

  3. Very creative! I love the handwritten signs... so cute :)