Because I Love Fall

Welcome to October! 

 Things I love about Fall:

Baking with pumpkins
Decorating with pumpkins
Drawing pumpkins

Cool mornings for exercising in. 
I'm working up to running a 5k!

We got eight inches of rain over the weekend.
Thank you, Lord!

Fall Gardens
I'm really wanting to plant some things in a Fall garden this year. I know it's too late for most things, but I haven't had time to prepare the ground until now, but I have to wait until it dries out some.

I bake all year round, but it's especially nice in the cooler weather. I'm making cinnamon rolls this week for the Fiesta de al Paloma our town has every October. I'm planning to have a booth there this year, and hopefully I have some pictures to share with you afterwards!

Colorful Leaves

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  1. I love this time of year! The picture of the cinnamon rolls is making me hungry! :) I should go make some it's been awhile since I last did.